Need an Experienced Traffic Director for Your Radio Station?

I can help you:
  • As a contractor, employee or temporary help
  • Prepare and reconcile the logs
  • Enter orders, copy, co-op and payments
  • Run reports and perform other tasks as needed
I'll handle Traffic Hubs for smaller groups or clusters.

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About Us

I have extensive experience with traffic software as a user, supporting other users, and creating documents that train and enhance the user experience. I also have a proven ability to understand "developer speak" and can bridge my traffic knowledge of multiple platforms across audiences. My background in the traffic software industry includes positions ranging from customer service, radio traffic management at stations, software support, software testing, consulting, data entry, and developing and teaching on-line and in person classes along with how to and training guides. These roles have fine-tuned my skills in managing multiple projects and time management. My background in the Radio Industry includes being a Traffic Manager for up to 21 stations across including hubbed markets, Accounts Receivable, Traffic Management, Project Management, clean up, hiring and consulting. I learn very quickly, and I bring a sense of humor and calmness to my workplace.

I have owned my own business for over 10 years now, working remotely for radio stations around the country. I have successfully honed my customer relations skills therefore in a variety of positions and with a wide variety of people. I regularly handle up to 21 stations over various markets at any given time, in addition to projects for corporate entities. In addition, I have regularly made station visits around the country for multi week periods.

I have worked at a wide variety of jobs, and developed the skills to succeed in all of them. I helped raise the three wolves that came to the Oregon Zoo in 1995, and have worked with two large packs of wolves in a research and education facility, along with a heard of bison, and several foxes. I homeschool, have run a girl scout troop and love people. I genuinely care for those I work with, and have built strong relationships and encouraged teamwork and cooperation even though I work remotely.

What I Need From You

In order to do my job you must provide a dedicated computer at your location that meets the specifications of the software you use. Cloud based software such as Dave Scotts Radio Traffic or Marketron can be run from my location and will minimize the time I need to be dialed into a dedicated machine there. I will have to dial in via VPN, or Team Viewer (for example) to do the log reconciliation and Log transfers and merging. For non cloud based software (DeltaFlex, Visual Traffic, Natural Logs) all work will require a dialed in connection.

You won't need to train me on the computer system, but I always appreciate lots of detail about your clients, and lots of input from your PD regarding how they like their logs! If I am doing my job well, they will get what they need and more!

Once we agree on the services to be provided and a contract is signed, I get to work. My duties usually include:

  • Doing and reconciling the logs
  • End of month processes in deltaflex
  • Generating reports as needed

My tasks can also include entering:

  • Orders and copy
  • Co-op
  • Payments and other tasks

I can meet your daily deadlines, and will clean up your system while I am at it. You will be invoiced according to our contract.

How To Get Started


Pricing is dependent on how many stations are involved, how busy they are, and how many other tasks will be required. In order for me to give you a quote, please have the following information handy when you call:

  • How many stations will need my services
  • How many orders per day typically come into your traffic department (ball park figure) or if the account executives enter their own orders
  • How much business per year does each of the stations do
  • Will A/R work be included
  • Other tasks that will need to be done (coop, reports, production (cart generation), training other personel, clean up work wanted, merging logs in automation, etc.

It is also helpful for me to be able to talk to the current traffic manager and point production people in order to gain a fuller perspective on what help you need.

Contract & Invoicing

Once we have discussed what the job will involve in detail then I can submit a contract for all parties to sign. Some of my clients prefer this and some do not. We will also discuss invoicing and pay structure. I can work as contract labor or W2. I can invoice you if desired.


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North Bend, Oregon 97459
M - F 6:30am to 3:00pm Pacific